Ride to Ireland – 19 March 2017

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, 2 days earlier, the Branch took a Sunday ride to Ireland… that’s Ireland in Bedfordshire!

13 bikes left the Needle & Awl ( a popular meeting place, as our friends from the Cobblers bike club were also there) for a very twisty ride along the back roads.
A missed turn meant that we saw Twinwoods airfield from both directions! There was a minor low speed spill at a junction, when (surprise surprise) Kim had to bail off the back of Tony’s CBF! But no-one was injured. The weather was also very kind, despite the dark clouds and we enjoyed some lovely sunshine.
Pete did the honours as tail-end-charlie on his GoldWing trike. This was the first long run he had undertaken on it and did a great job keeping the group together.

After 40 miles we swept through the hamlet of Ireland and then went on a little further to have a ‘bikers special’ at the Shuttleworth Collection.

It was great to see a few new faces on the run.

paddyride2017 01
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There is also a video of us leaving, taken by Lisa Matthewman of the Cobblers, on Facebook.
I tried to return the compliment by filming them leaving Shuttleworth, but only managed 36 minutes of the inside of my pocket… doh!

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